Are you searching for more emotional involvement from your audio system, the elements that connect when listing to live music? Enter the Conquistar Spirit...

Dare you accept the challenge?

More and more recording engineers and listeners are going for Conquistar.
With a Conquistar we promise you a dynamic, emotionally involving live experience with our speaker system. The Conquistar was created from our passion and dissatisfaction with existing systems – have no fear of falling in love or being emotional, it’s a natural process when listening to your favourite music when reproduced in such a realistic manner. The new Legend Conquistar will bring you back to the source: your true love for the music.

The Conquistar brings you back to the source: true love for the music. As a designer, and now 60 years young, yet still in love with my dream: to experience music on an audio system as the composer and performer has intended, accuracy and emotional engagement intact.  I invite you to listen to your all-time favourite recordings.  We invite you to witness for yourself at our facility – without obligation!

CONQUISTAR - developed and designed for your listening pleasure by and with music lovers. With love from Belgium.


Our speakers are quite international, we select ideal components from various countries with one thing in mind – ultimate performance. This passion for the ideal speaker, it is our determination to create a speaker that lets the listener forget everything else.. It is a musical instrument in it’s own right, one that taps into and recreates the full musical event, the key elements that we believe are lacking in most speaker designs.

The Conquistar has a surprisingly easy, and yet inviting character, one that has emotion, engagement and inexplicable attraction to a live experience. Rediscovering your favourite melodies that suddenly tell a very different story right in front of you. There is a tangible presence of energy, conquest and confidence, an impression rarely experienced in such a simple, pure design.

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Cabinet Options

Four Different Finishes

Ribbon Drivers

Worlds thinnest Dipole True Ribbon


Built in black Corian case

Bass drivers

Full range drivers

Design screen

Optional screen, available in custom colors

Under Conquistar

Optional feet

Cabinet Options
Four Different Finishes
Bass drivers
Full range drivers
Ribbon Drivers
Worlds thinnest Dipole True Ribbon
Design screen
Optional screen, available in custom colors
Built in black Corian case
Under Conquistar
Optional feet

Ribbon drivers

Keeping all the technological (audible) advantages, the RAAL became the thinnest Dipole True Ribbon in the industry.  This is an essential feature, there aren’t any deep slots or short horns with bulky magnets in the vicinity of the ribbon element, all of which can increase air loading mass and compromise linearity. So with the RAAL acceleration and linearity are preserved.

Totally symmetrical front and back openings provide identical ribbon loading, identical response and identical dispersion patterns front and back.  There lies the greatest advantage, unheard of in any dipole speaker design to date : once the symmetry has been achieved by it’s physical design, and using RAAL’s proprietary foam deflector pads, you can adjust for different and independent dispersion patterns front and back.

This allows you to create amazing depth to the stereo image, adjusting the pattern to the front and back to maximise imaging in your listening room.


Tingsha Audio has chosen AM core in the Ribbon transformer.
The difference between Amorphous Metal and Ferrite transformer cores is that AM has narrower hysteresis, so it needs even energy to get magnetised around the zero point. The audible difference is that it shows better low-level detail and it sounds a little smoother on top. In most systems, it is hard to hear the difference, but in systems with good resolution it is plainly audible and well worth the extra cost. For ALL Trends we use the same Ribbon driver as we see this as a key component to overall performance.

Crossover design

Crossovers : one of the most critical components in any loudspeaker with more than one driver.
It took our development team 2.5 years to create and fine tune our crossover and in many, many listening sessions.
Different combinations and components were evaluated, and finally the best combination was chosen that gave zero “equaliser effects” and retained the purity and linearity we desired – i.e. faithful representation of the original recording.

You will hear exactly what the artist and mastering engineers meant when they recorded the music.
 This way we succeed in conveying as closely as possible the soul of the recording. Many of our clients tell us – 
”It takes some ‘adjustment’ and then you realise you don’t hear a speaker at all…”


X-over built in black Corian case.  Two way system 30 Hz to 40Khz (-3db)
The crossover components are embedded in special anti-resonance fluid.
In option Duelund components available for the capacitors & resistors.  Corian material is also used for instruments.
In option ZenSati cables for Ribbon driver available,  known for their speed & neutrality – for bass drivers Supra Cables.
The divers and the brand of the different components where determined during multiple listening sessions with various musicians.

Design Screen

Handmade Design screen available in any RAL color or in 3 “High-end” colors: bronze, silver or gold.
With two “wings” to place on the speaker cabinet. “Gold” color wings on the ribbon driver.
Picture shows Color Trend in black with black screen.

Bass drivers

Two 6.5 heavy duty composite chassis woofers.
Unique bass drivers with dual cone for lowering resonance frequency.

These are “full-range” drivers made from the same material as the ribbon driver.
Tuned for bass in this special configuration.
Woofers up to 2 octaves above what is considered normal for a woofer of this size.
Double bass reflex ports.
Each woofer in a separate chamber with individual bass reflex port.
Special innovative damping material – no other manufacturer uses our special material.
Turns unwanted bass resonances in a cabinet to practically zero.
Internal Supra cabling from Sweden.
Extreme fast and tighter bass response with seamless transition to mid & high frequencies.

Conquistar Ghost

The Conquistar speaker is also available as the Conquistar Ghost model. This is exactly the same specifications as Conquistar Spirit, but in this case has an adjustable mount for the RAAL tweeter unit. Please contact us for this option.

For the first time,  you don’t need electronics to adjust the front and back levels. It’s all very easy and very natural.
Our team has develop a mechanical instrument to get the maximum effect with a user adjustable rotation of between 25° & 0° for both Left & Right directions.

Cabinet options

Conquistar is available in 4 different finishes – Retro, Color, Natural, Personal.

In high press laminate white or black with 2 satin lacquer finish – with a small brown strip on the sides.
This is the economic version so the extra options are not available.

In RAL color paint with a 2 layer lacquer finish in Satin or Matt, according to choice.
NEW: High press Piano lacquer in any desired RAL color.
All options, like a ZenSati cable for Ribbon driver and others are available in our shop.

Real wood veneer with Matt or Satin lacquer finish.
Oak, Essen, Cherry or Maple. Other wood veneers: +15%.
All options, like a ZenSati cable for Ribbon driver and others, are available in our shop.

Special edition – The A la Carte design
Wrap technology or Corian cabinets
All options are included with this model.

All models include:

All models include:

• The same drivers
• Waterproof MDF 313 cabinet
• Crossover with Mundorf components
• Speaker connectors by Puresonic
• Special innovative damping material
(no manufacturer use this special material)

• Internal cabling by Supra from Sweden
• RAL colour paint with 2 lacquer finish in Satin or Matt, according to choice
(Colour and Personal models)

• NEW: High press Piano lacquer in every desired RAL color
(Colour and Personal models)

• Extra options, like ZenSati cable for Ribbon driver and others are available in our shop
(Colour, Natural and Personal models)

Technical Specifications

Mid / Tweeter Unit
RAAL Ribbon driver unit in open / fixed position on top of the cabinet
Mid/Bass units
Dual full range drivers tuned for mid/bass output
Frequency Response
30Hz – 40.000Hz (-3dB/-5dB)
Impedance Load
6 Ohm over 30Hz – 40.000Hz – minimal “dip” from lower to higher frequency
92dB 1 Watt/ metre
Mid / Tweeter Unit
RAAL Ribbon driver unit in open / fixed position on top of the cabinet. Aluminium foil.
Mid/Bass units
Aluminium Cone with matching material as used in the RAAL Ribbon driver.
Cabinet is a ported construction, each port has is own ‘room’ in the cabinet with special material that transform ‘overload’ to warm energy – keeping the musics ‘life’. The cabinet transform these vibrations as real instruments sound – you hear the “soul” of each instrument without a shadow! We DON’T use “deadening” material – the cabinet is part of the sound.
The Conquistar Spirit comes in 4 variants: Conquistar Spirit: Retro, Conquistar Spirit: Natural, Conquistar Spirit: Colour & Conquistar Spirit: Personal. These variants have options on the cabinet finish, colour and material. Refer to the SHOP pages for selectable options on each model.
Standard configuration
The standard model Spirit is already a very high performance speaker. All compoenents are carefully picked for maximum performance. The whole crossover is ‘potted’ to negate any possible effects of vibrations on the performance.
There are further options on the crossovers to take it even further, using the world’s best capacitors from Duelund. There are two versions, 50% Duelund as an option on the Conquistar Spirit: Natual and Conquistar Spirit: Colour versions, and 100% Duelunds for the top Conquistar Spirit: Personal variant.
Each Conquistar Spirit is custom made, and customisations are possible. Contact us for details.
93 cm
Height Including Ribbon Driver
118 cm
23 cm
36 cm
25 Kilos
5 years on the total system
Lifetime warranty on the RAAL ribbon drivers
Download the User Manual here
As a VIP member and first owner of a Conquistar speaker set you get a personal certificate with chassis number, type chosen, with your name & address. Please send us a copy of your invoice when buying in our stores.
We offer a demo in our Belgium showroom which is close to Brussels Airport (free pick-up, by appointment).
Please contact us for more information.


Pick a trend and started the configuration of your perfect speaker!

Conquistar Spirit: Retro


Conquistar Spirit: Natural


Conquistar Spirit: Colour


Conquistar Spirit: Personal