Enter the world of live sound reproduction with the modular Conquistar Hybrid speaker system.

Tingsha Audio was born out of a passion for audio reproduction, and to create a range of speakers that rewrites what is possible while still retaining real world prices. After much research and thousands of hours in the lab we found the ultimate combination, a RAAL ribbon tweeter, known for it’s accuracy and speed, and a fast bass reflex system.

By housing the tweeter outside of the cabinet we avoid unwanted interaction between the lower frequencies. And our mount also allows up to 20° lateral adjustment to suit many room settings. We called this speaker the Conquistar Spirit.

Your search for a speaker that gives emotion, engagement and inexplicable attraction to a live experience is over.

“As a designer, and a life long audiophile, I am focussed on making my dream a reality: to experience music in a home system that mirrors how the composer and performer intended it to sound. With our speakers, we promise you a dynamic, emotionally involving live experience, one that avoids the dissatisfaction many have found with other speaker designs.”

“Dare you accept the challenge? Being emotional, it’s a natural occurrence listening to your favourite music on the Conquistar. It will bring you back to the source: your true love for the music!”


Build your Conquistar: make it your own

We offer a range of colours for your Conquistar, and can match to RAAL paint libraries. We use high quality auto paint with an attractive high gloss finish. There are also grill options on all models.

Each speaker is hand made to order, and is quite unique to each client. Ask us for details of all the options available. We also invite you to our demo rooms, and for Belgian customers we offer a home demo and system install service.