+++ Yours truly went into the digital domain today +++

Ervaringen gedeeld door bezoekers op onze Herfstshow 2019 te Wetteren.
Visit at ‘ 432 Evo ‘ and Frederic Van den Poel, with ‘ Tingsha Audio ‘represented by Jean-Paul Elinck, near Gent/Belgium to finally listen to the ‘ 432 Evo Reference Music Server ‘ I heard only good things about!!!

I was listening to the same system that was set up at ‘ HiFi Deluxe 2019 ‘ in Munich ( last two pics ) consisting of:

‘ 432 Evo Master ‘ server with triple ext. power supply. Truly three different linear power supplies in one box to support a) the mother board, b) the USB card, and c) the master clock.

Tingsha Audio ‘ Conquistar ‘ speakers by Jean-Paul Elinck, Vitus Audio ‘ SS-025 mk.II ‘ stereo amplifier, Metrum Acoustics ‘ Adagio ‘ DAC

All cabling by ‘ ZenSati ‘

This was the first time I listened to the Tingsha Audio ‘ Conquistar ‘ speakers and I liked them!! Bass reflex cabinet ( backward firing ), with two broadband speakers and one planar magentic tweeter. The ‘ 432 Evo ‘ server supports PCM up to 24/768 and play DSD files! You can configure your ‘ 432 ‘ server with various options. What struck immediately was the high grade of musicality and a very relaxed sonic signature, no harshness, no coldness, not ” digital ” sounding at all!

A wonderful musical flow and tonality, excellent macro and micro dynamics. I need to mention the soundstage, which goes deep, very deep, high and wide, way over the speakers, excellent!! Razor sharp and stable layering, truly impressive.

Gregor Rothensee