Our compact and adaptable cinema speakers

Cinema L’Esprit
Designed for home theater

2 full range drivers without X-over
Made of stainless steel
Prices on request
Order minimum 2 units, and can go to 16 channels
Order enquiries – please use our contact form

Coming in 2022 - our all new studio monitor speaker!

In the near future we are to release our exciting studio monitor, specially designed for mixing sessions in a studio sessions.

Ribbon microphones and ribbon speakers are the direct link to the highest connections – music direct from the studio to Aura 3D and magical performers! If you have never listened to AURA 3 D multichannel stereo or even mono, you must do. MONO? yes to experience MONO in Aura 3D is quite incredible!

The Conquistar speaker line is designed to connect professional recording engineers to lovers for all music – be it MONO or MULTICHANNEL in every modus.

The Conquistar range has transformed ribbon technology to the highest level without distortion. You can start building a superb system, starting with 2 channel stereo and ribbons, then get the other channels with Cinema L’Esprit and you are there!