Conquistar Angel is an active mid-subsystem consisting of 2 cabinets with the same dimensions as the cabinet of Conquistar with two drivers (but without the ribbon driver).

The Angel speaker system

ANGEL speaker system consists of two cabinets, one of which has an active synchronised sub unit with 250W extra power on board. There are two speakers per unit, four speaker per channel. The system is designed to handle high levels of dynamic material and enhance the Conquistar SPIRIT system.

Angel was primarily designed to work in an all Conquistar speaker system. It is however also incredibly effective in a non-Conquistar system. The positive effect the ANGEL has on a typical speaker setup are bigger dynamics and separation of instruments, a much larger soundstage, both depth and width, and the ability to perform at a sonic level well in excess of the system without it.

Configuration and setup

In rooms greater than 150m2, ANGEL can perform with the following:

ANGEL active tuning starts around 40 Hz. This corresponds completely to the original purpose: more drivers applied in this area give more “pressure” in space. As a result, both the mid and high frequencies improve in quality because harmonics are fuller and richer. The “body” of instruments approximates a more accurate sound level and dynamic range. Angel is not a sub, and it’s performance envelope extends further up a typical sub system. As such it is particularly suitable for many speaker systems.

In the mid-sub frequencies, there is less directional sensitivity. Thus with ANGEL placement is less important.
It can be set as a tower, wall or a Left / Right configuration. A Tower is both cabinets on top of each other, a wall is both cabinets next to each other in the space, and Left / Right is next to each other. The coupling of ANGEL cabinets comes as standard for a Tower configuration.

CONQUISTAR - developed and designed for your listening pleasure by and with music lovers. With love from Belgium.

Live sound reproduction

Step into the world of realistic live sound reproduction with the modular Conquistar hybrid speaker system. Start with Conquistar SPIRIT and upgrade by adding Conquistar ANGEL. Experience what can be experienced with a complete Conquistar series speaker system.

The Conquistar Series have been used by instrument makers and recording engineers to replicate natural sound not heard using conventional speakers. We invite you to experience it for yourself in our demo room at our facility, or in one of our Stores.

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Colour options

There are many options on finish and colour for ANGEL, black or white or glossy piano lacquer for example. There is also the possibility to adjust the finish to personal preferences. Contact us for details on further custom options.

ANGEL is a tall speaker yet quite narrow in width, so can be set back from your main speakers. It can blend with your system extremely well – both visually and sonically.

Technical Specifications

Active System
ANGEL is an active system with 4 full range drivers per channel, with double voice coils configurated for an active 250W amplifier per channel.
Each channel comprises 2x cabinets to the same dimensions as Conquistar GHOST or SPIRIT.
They are designed to be either stacked or side by side configuration.
250W, one per channel.
24dB subsonic filter
Bass level
Semiparametric bass boost
Continuously adjustable phase control 0-180°
High Frequency Roll Off
Variable high-pass filter 50-150Hz (12dB)
Ground lift switch
Cabinet is a ported construction, each port has is own ‘room’ in the cabinet with special material that transform
‘overload’ to warm energy – keeping the musics ‘life’. The cabinet transform these vibrations as real instruments sound – you hear the “soul” of each instrument without a shadow! We DON’T use “deadening” material – the cabinet is part of the sound.
Standard configuration
Banana / Screw connection at power amplifer speaker connections from your main system.
93 cm
23 cm
36 cm
20 Kilos
5 years on the total system
Download the User Manual here
As a VIP member and first owner of a Conquistar speaker set you get a personal certificate with chassis number, type chosen, with your name & address. Please send us a copy of your invoice when buying in our stores.
We offer a demo in our Belgium showroom which is close to Brussels Airport (free pick-up, by appointment).
Please contact us for more information.

Conquistar Angel