Conquistar Angel








Conquistar Angel is an active mid-subsystem consisting of 2 cabinets with the same dimensions as the cabinet of Conquistar with two drivers (but without ribbon)
One of these Angel cabinets has an active syncro/sub/unit on board with 250W extra power.

Angel is also designed with a special purpose: can also be placed in a non-Conquistar system. Lots of possibilities to set and available in black or white or in glossy piano lacquer – Option: possibility to adjust the finish to personal preferences. In areas greater than 150 m2 every ANGEL is synchronise the data with the following.

Angel actif tuning starts around 40 Hz.
This corresponds completely to the original purpose: more drivers apply in this area to give more “pressure” in space.
As a result, wins the mid and high in quality because harmonics are fuller and richer. The “body” of instruments approximates more the natural sound level.
By this mid-sub layer there is no directional sensitivity with Angel and the placement is less important.
Angel is no sub, but is particularly suitable for each speaker system. With Angel can be a Tower, Wall or a L/R configuration.A Tower is both cabinets on each other, especially the spectacular view is hereby emphasized.
A Wall means that the two cabinets next to each other in space.
L/R means left and right one to each existing speaker cabinet. The coupling of both Angel-cabinets with cables are standard for a Tower configuration.

Step into the world of absolute live sound reproduction with the modular Conquistar Hybrid speaker system-start with CONQUISTAR and upgrade with ANGEL CONQUISTAR Experience what CONQUISTAR Series means ?

Free introduction in our demo room or in our Stores. Conquistar Series are developed especially for instrument makers, recording engineers and componists to replicate natural sound trough speakers.


Several patents

TingshaAudio® – Manufacturer
CONQUISTAR® – Brand name
EQUAFIELD® – Raal Ribbon technology
FLATFOIL® – Raal Ribbon technology
SYMMLEAD® – Raal Ribbon technology

As a VIP member and as first owner of a Conquistar speakerset you get a personal certificate with chassisnumber, original Trend with your name & address. Send us a copy of your invoice when buying in our stores.