Hifi Pig wrote some create things about our system at X-Fi 2019

432 EVO, Vitus Audio, Metrum and Tingsha Audio

“This was a very, very nice sounding room that just oozed high-end sound with a really three-dimensional and immersive presentation that simply drew you into the musical performance. What I really was bowled over by was the sheer amount of detail that was being presented by this system, but never once did I feel I was being overwhelmed.”

“Often detail can come across as an over-emphasised top-end but this system just presented the music beautifully – and isn’t that what you want in a system? Look, it was 3pm in the afternoon and often at this time at a show you can start to become a little jaded and war-weary (it does take a lot of concentration to listen to systems as often you are carrying out (sort of) mini-reviews in less than ideal conditions) but this system really did open by eyes and ears with its easy-going quality – and that after being in some stunningly good sounding rooms – we’d just come out of the Chord, Innuos and ATC room!