Grounding box


Why you need a grounding box?

The technological progress is synonymous of a better world, but sometimes there are unespected drowbacks. In the present time, we are happy with our mobile phones, wifi networks, LED-lights and many other compact electronic devices based on switching power supply, but we should be aware that electromagnetic pollution has never been so high like now.

EMI/RFI coming into our hi-fi system directly from the main outlet power supply or through wires acting like antennas degrades the sound of our system in a manner that was not possible to imagine 10 or 20 years ago. In practice, induced noise currents flowing throug the ground paths sum with the musical signal and you can’t experience anymore an audiophile sound reproduction without facing seriously this problem. That applies not only to hi-end systems, but also to mid-level hi-fi systems. Used also in your Tv/video/Homecinema : you won’t believe your eyes & ears !

Finally! Enjoy the real sound of your system!

When you will listen & see the improvement of your system assisted by our grounding box you will simply not believe that that music & picture is created by your original system.

The Faber’s cables solution.

Many years of research on this field, brought Faber’s Cables to develop a new and original concept of grounding box. Often, active “ground conditioners” create more problems of those that they were supposed to solve. Classical passive filters, like isolation transformers and/or AC capacitors, are no more sufficient to purify the full spectrum of noise affecting the ground path (and often limit the dynamic of the hifi system!).