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Why you need a diffuser

A QRD diffuser is an acoustically hard surface which, because of its calculated 3D-design, scatters sound waves that strike it both spatially and spectrally. The diffuser can do this within a targeted working range, usually the range in which fundamental musical tones are found (c4 octave).

Working range

Every model has a practical working range that spans over 4 octaves.
Our Quadratic residue diffusers (QRD) can be an essential and powerful tool in the acoustic optimization of any room in which high-end sound (=read Natural sound) reproduction is a goal. Opera’s – studio’s etc… all use diffusers for correct & natural sound (also the human voice is very clear & very good audible without false “ringing” in the room)

QRD 7340

Working range

1750 – 37500Hz

2 Sizes

Available heights: 1 and 2 meter.


Width: 73mm
Depth: 65mm

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Working range

215 – 4615Hz


Height: 620mm
Width: 519mm
Depth: 164mm