Carmen Gomes inc. – It’s The Real Deal

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‘Her style is bluesy and intimate with a sexy voice that’s sweet as dark tupelo honey, and her interpretations are unerring. The musicians play to her and to each other and the ensemble is so tight that the four musicians breathe and move as one. There are some standards on the set that knocked me over with their fresh approach. Any singer can misplace a few accents and rhythms and come up with something that’s original, but perhaps also uneasy and a little strange. Not Gomes, who has taken the songs to their bones and then restructured them to suit her style. Thus “fever” doesn’t sound like a cover of Peggy Lee; it sounds like a brand new take on a familiar song. You emerge from hearing it not thinking it’s better or lesser than lee’s version, but that it’s a valid new interpretation that could have come first.
Gomes creates a languid, bluesy version that is a little bit reminiscent of bobbie gentry while still coming across as quite original. It’ll cast a spell over you’ Rad Bennet, soundstage! Magazine.

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Recording Carmen Gomes inc.
‘Belafonte sings the blues’
On sunday 13 nov. we did the live-to-2-track analog recording at the MCO Hilversum. Carmen’s inc. was in shape and all the people loved the performance!
‘The sound is amazing on tape’ as what everybody says!

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